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Creative website development for your business

Experience and high quality of the final web solution are the idols of our company

Focus on customer’s needs helps us deliver business oriented web projects

Innovations are our strong point allowing us to stay one of the leading players

Outsourcing model is formed by good level of speaking English and modern ways of communication

What can we offer?
Our web services include all standard activities offered by modern web design companies as well as individual web development services responding to your needs.
We know how to make a website work as we have been creating websites since 2005. Our main goal is to develop web solutions with a unique and stylish design and responding all modern web tendencies and functional usability.

We know how to make a website work as we have been creating websites since 2005. Our main goal is to develop web solutions with a unique and stylish design and responding all modern web tendencies and functional usability. We deliver different websites for the customers owning any types of business ranging from mini websites and image websites to corporate web solutions and web portals. All the websites we develop are equipped with a content management system (CMS) easy to use so that our customers can change and adjust their website content whenever they would like. Content management systems that we work with are Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress. We guarantee that our web solutions support most modern web browsers such as Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. If you would like to get more information about the services offered by our web development company you can download our web development corporate brochure.

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Our branding department will professionally create your name, logo, corporate identity, letterhead, etc. and make it work for you. We will offer you visualization on different advertising materials so that you have full presentation...

Our branding department will professionally create your name, logo, corporate identity, letterhead, etc. and make it work for you. We will offer you visualization on different advertising materials so that you have a full presentation of your logo graphic image. Order brand book development as it will make your life easier when creating different advertisings in terms of your promotion campaign especially when you work with many advertising agencies. We guarantee that logos, naming and corporate styles are unique. We sell branding, whether it’s naming, logo design or corporate identity only once to one customer. You retain the exclusive copy rights of your logo or other branding results. We deliver logos and brand book in any vector format such as AI, CDR, EPS, etc. and other formats preferred by the customer. If you would like to get more info about our branding services feel free to see our branding corporate brochure.

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Search engine optimization is one of the web services offered by our web development company. To work for you any web project needs to be highly present in the web, be recognized and frequently visited by your potential customers.

Search engine optimization is one of the web services offered by our web development company. To work for your any web project needs to be highly present in the web, be recognized and frequently visited by your potential customers. We know how to make your website reach the first pages of major search engines and retain its positions for quite a long period. The higher your website rank is the more traffic and sales you get. At our web development company you can order the following SEO services: web analytics, internet (contextual and banner) advertising, copywriting, re-writing, speech-writing, internal optimization of your website.

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Our works
Our success comes from our team's excellence in collaboration, adapting new tools and technologies, and proactive communication.
Luxurious boutique
web design
We realized this project in quite short terms and responding to all the customer’s requirements...
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Sports supplier
web design

We realized a strict, but creative web solution of this website in two languages.

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IT Development

We designed IT development website in strict colors and simple design manner.

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Travel agency
web design

Our company developed a corporate website of the travel agency specialized in national tours

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Advertising agency
web development

We created this web solution in bright colors and multiple information blocks

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Media Corporation
IT development

This task was realized by our flash developer in short terms using Flash, Action Script 3.0, PHP,...

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Logistics company
web development

We designed this website in strict style and colors according to the customer’s requirements

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web design

We developed a website of a wood-processing factory located in Liberia in three languages

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Free adds
web development

We developed a website on a unique CMS and using the customer’s design pattern

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Investment company
web development

We designed this corporate website in bright colors using flash technology to add some uniqueness...

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Radio provider
web development

We created a corporate web solution in strict and minimalistic style with numerous opportunities ...

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Economic Zone
website development

Our goal was developing a creative website with an outstanding graphic solution.

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Professional team
Our success comes from our team's excellence in collaboration, adapting new tools and technologies, and proactive communication.
Co-Founder & CEO
The secret of effective team work is in providing each team member with complete freedom for creativity and professional growth
Creative sloganNothing is impossible with a good motivation
Activitiescompany management
Senior strategy manager, business director
A successful project cannot be built without great idea, while some second-rate idea will be rescued even with advanced functionality
Creative sloganA creative advertisement is a basis of success
Activitiescompany promotion, business planning
Chief operating officer
If you listen to what the customers say and know what your web developers can do – you succeed with any web project
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Activitiesfirm project management, negotiations with customers
Sales manager
Effective sales begin only when every word of the customer is very clear not only the manager but also the programmer
Creative sloganI see the goal, but I don't see limits
Activitiessearch for foreign clients, customer relations
Senior front-end developer
There are no impossible tasks, especially with detailed functional specification and well-structured site architecture in place
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Activitiesweb development
PHP developer
There is nothing absolutely new and unused in IT world, thus every tasks may be solved, even the most complex one
Creative sloganI am not so fast but well organized
Activitiesweb development
UI designer and illustrator
Details are most important in design. One single touch will perfectly finalize the image, while inattention to details can ruin even great idea
Creative sloganI put imagination into shape
Activitiesbranding, illustration and web design
The ability to incorporate thoughts into words, words into phrases, and phrases into well optimized content have rescued numerous not really successful projects
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Activitiescontent management, writing
QA engineer
Good testing is like a surgery, it will release the application from all kinds of issues and provide perfectly working solution
Creative sloganI test everything, even if it's not necessary
Our technologies
The technologies that we use make your web projects fast, cost-effective and progressive
Our team chooses Python
We use Django framework, which allows building high-performing, elegant web applications quickly, with less code. They say Django is a framework for perfectionists – that is exactly the reason Concept guys like the framework on the appropriate projects. Based on the Don’t Repeat Yourself principle, it eases the creation of complex, database-driven websites.
Drupal, Wordpress
There are many websites offering
Drupal, Wordpress
Web Content Management Systems allow to control and edit the content within your website from anywhere in the world, while no technical skills are required.
There are many websites offering
Squarespace is a powerful, all-in-one creative tool that allows anyone to create and customize their online presence so it truly represents who they are. This redesign celebrates the diversity. Squarespace is a powerful, all-in-one creative tool that allows anyone to create and customize their online presence so it truly represents who they are. This redesign celebrates the diversity
There are many websites offering
Our skillful specialists use PHP technology for developing high-performance dynamically generated web applications.
There are many websites offering
Concept team is glad to propose custom iOS and Android development services in finance, social networking, media applications, entertainment and gaming, telecommunication domains. Our mobile team guys’ expertise is at your 100% disposal.
Microsoft .NET
There are many websites offering
Microsoft .NET
Concept Microsoft oriented team of developers is ready to use the full power of the platform and tools to provide you with unique application developments for your business growth. We are ready take on the integration and optimization of your existing systems and products, and offer a full set of high-qualified services in third-party products support and customization.
There are many websites offering
Actually, AJAX incorporates a group of technologies: HTML or XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, XMLHttpRequest. When all of them are combined in the Ajax model, web application can be updated quickly, without reloading the entire browser page.
Java EE, ME
There are many websites offering
Java EE, ME
Our team has a strong Java branch with years of experience in the domain.
We offer our customers professional help in development of a wide range of enterprise solutions, such as ERP, CRM and E-commerce solutions, enterprise portals, automation of business processes.
We have built a strong expertise of Java ME technology and will make you explore an endless range of JavaME platform possibilities.
There are many websites offering
HTML5 is a core technology on the web.
Actually, HTML5 is an umbrella term which describes a set of HTML, CSS and JavaScript specification which enable developers to build next generation web sites and applications.
Graphic design
There are many websites offering
Graphic design
Our team successful years in graphic design and branding have taught us to focus on creating actionable brand solutions.
Concept designers’ creativity coupled with research and deep understanding of customer’s business domain start giving ROI from the first day after brand release.
We realize that successful brand launch consists in strategic design solution. Moreover, we strongly believe that logo is a strong instrument in building brand identity, thus logos developed by Concept team are meaningful and give instant recognition to the brand.
There are many websites offering
It is a collection of organized information, which enables computer program select required pieces of data by means of requests. Evidently, the key purpose of DB is to store and operate large information amounts.
There are many websites offering
In other words adaptive web design is one of the modern tendencies in web site development which became quite popular with development of wide variety of devices. Responsive or adaptive design of a web site is one and the same layout of one project which scales depending on the device where it’s opened. Some parts or blocks of web site content (text, pictures, graphics) appear on one size of the screen and disappear on another. Adaptive design allows a web site look right in all types of browsers, any resolutions or sizes of screens. With this technology we minimize your costs for development of custom mobile applications which become useless when you order a responsive website.
Work process
Our clients
Our testimonials
Most of our customers become our long-term partners and even friends.
Andrey Livin
Marketing specialist, COOD

We are absolutely thrilled with the web site you have done! You understood our vision completely and have done wonderful job! Thank you.

Olga Gurinda
Business manager, Raton

When it comes to creating attractive and professional web site there is not team that will surpass Concept. Their attention to details is fabulous. The web site they have created is above our expectations.

Alex Apostolou
Director, Belmur Сompany

Our idea was to create online presence of our business, but we did have exact plan for this. Concept company was selected among other teams for the deep and creative approach, they came up with. Their aim is to deliver high quality results and they have succeeded on our project! Thanks, guys!

Leonid Pulishev
Commercial Director, Batic Toys

What really impressed is the level of professionalism of Concept web developers. Our web application looks really elegant and meets all our business requirements. Besides, it is SEO optimized which gives us high return on investments

Irina Victyck
Marketing manager, Ecowood

Nice to deal with creative, detail-oriented team! Have already recommended this studio to my partner.

Margarita Kravtsova
Top manager, Asgard

I appreciate short response time of the managers and quick turnaround of my project. What I needed was working solution, and I’m totally happy with the result!

Aleksandr Rogov
Marketing manager, Luxury

Seems that this team is fond of challenging tasks and you feel the energy they cope with each complex task! Good job, web guys!

Stanislava Velyk
Data-processing manager, Region News

We addressed Concept with our idea and they have delivered exactly what we needed. Besides, they have suggested long-term maintenance of our web site, so we know that it is in safe keeping.

Victoria Petrenko
Public relations officer, Economic Zone

Individual approach of Concept managers made our cooperation easy and efficient. They have made me a tremendous proposal. We couldn’t have picked a better studio to work with.

Work process
We optimized our work process to minimize your costs for a web site development.

Get to know our customer, their company, business activities and corporate details, correspondence by e-mail and meeting in skype, short business analysis.


Getting info about the customer’s project filling out a brief with requirements, wishes and aims, sending a quote with an agreement about the price and terms of web site development.


Preparation of a design concept, its approval, approval of a technical specification, build up of CMS, developing structural components such as a shopping cart, catalogue, contact form, etc., web site testing.


Web site delivery on a test domain name, approval by the customer, modifications according to the specifications and transfer of the web project to the customer’s domain name.


Sign up of all the final project documentation, agreement about any additional web services and possible cooperation in the future, getting a testimonial.

Our clients
We appreciate our customers and are proud of their projects.
Contact us
Feel free to contact one of our charming managers to ask any questions about web development
The Republic of Belarus, Gomel city, Telmana, 44, office 208



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Latest activities
Here we inform you about all happens in the world of web development and in particular in our company.

Let's talk about the effectiveness of websites. Why some websites with a simple design have high user rating, and owners of other websites who spent a lot of money on development of great pictures have low ratings in the SERP?


What mistakes should be avoided in creating an interesting website?



The activity of users depends on a number of indicators that are different from the mediocre interesting resources.


Remember, the basic principle of marketing - not to annoy your potential customers.


1. Stop using pop-up ads or limit the number and frequency of flashing elements for the visitors. This element has the highest rank in the list of irritating things. It is better to focus on qualitative and professional content. This method helps to increase the demand on your site and loyalty of the search engines, get regular visitors.

2. Automatic multimedia playback won’t add a user rating to your site. It is enough to imagine a situation where a potential customer of your company in the midst of the working day decides to find an interesting product. He gets to your site and the office shudders because of the loud call to drop everything immediately and run! Why and where to go is usually explained later. In most cases these are the company's sales and discounts.  And your boss controls everything and can notice how you spend your working day. The user will close your screaming website immediately.

3. Animation is not always good. Animated images, complemented by sound, perhaps, make the site more beautiful. But it is important to remember that the decision to stay or leave the website formed in the first few seconds. So it is important not to dissipate the visitor's attention on flashing animated images.

4. Avoid idyllic pictures of office work. Some owners of Internet resources believe that it will play a positive role in the overall perception of the site. Rather, it will cause the subconscious distrust of user to the corporate site.

5. Non-informative block "About Us" can only cause distrust among potential customers. This includes the availability of contact information instead of the information about the possibility of direct contacts. Under contact information often means the most reliable, at first glance, the method of communication - e-mail. This is not so. The proposal to issue through e-mail is often ignored because the client wants to get answers here and now.

6. Do not use too much key word. Neither users nor search engines like it.


We have shown the gravest mistakes which you should avoid and it will maintain and strengthen the user interest. 

Today, most online stores provoke competition for trade industry. Undoubtedly, online store has a number of advantages, the main is saving time buyer.


Due to the fact that online shopping continues to rise in popularity, many entrepreneurs are moving into a format of online sales.


But just create your own online shop – It is not a sufficient condition just to create your own online shop. You should know how to process incoming orders.



How to attract customers to the online store?


One of the major analyst company has been studied 400 consumer demand for online stores.


At the end of the study, analysts concluded that in order to online shop has a constant income, it is necessary to follow a few important conditions affecting consumer resource activity.


-       Price. This is the main point, which regulates consumer interest. It is important to know that the online buyer is more "sensitive" to the online prices than to the prices in retail trade networks. Therefore, the prices of goods in online store should be competitive in relation to the same retailer.

-       Ease of product selection. The buyer should have the ability to find goods easily.  Otherwise, you, as the owner of an online store, may miss out any profits. Product Search should be more comfortable than at the supermarket.

-       Dimension table. This is an important addition that guarantees rate of return due to the fact that the goods have not suit the size of the buyer.

-       Working interface. If any function does not work, it will reduce the percentage of sales. Check regularly the main buttons and resolve problems immediately. Do not forget to notify customers about the technical procedures carried out on the shop site.

-       Appropriate range of products. This refers to the availability of the product, which is important for the buyer here and now.

-       Discounts should be comfortable. If you practice coupon campaign, make sure that the buyer had the opportunity to find where he must enter the discount code product. Lack of such opportunity cause dissatisfaction among customers.

-       Image. Remember an important feature of human perception: we first consider the picture, and only then read the text. So images should be of high quality and correspond to the topics of the store. But do not clutter up the interface with many bright flickering background images - it's annoying.



Taking into account the above items mentioned, your online store will make a profit and have their regular customers. 

It is known that professionally-created clip has a definite impact on a viewer. But there is no final algorithm, because advertising impression by its consumer is constantly changing.



To such a conclusion comes a big consulting company Gemius, which does monitoring about internet-advertisement and its impact on audience.

It was found out that a modern user doesn’t have reaction on advertising banner immediately. His reaction is delayed.

Analysts confirm that the user starts search important for him information little later after seen advertisement. In other words, the advertisement is some kind of push for users.


How do users conceive today’s internet-advertisement?


- The highest interest to the advertisement appears in the first 20 minutes after its observing.

- Users who have found the advertisement interesting and useful try to find more information during 3 hours after advertisement review.

- A certain cyclical activity of users is fixed every day. This cyclical activity depends on the market segment. Advertising effectiveness and the consumer desire to find information about interesting product increases every 24 hours. The desire to learn more about the advertised product grows every 24, 48, 72 hours. But the interest goes down after a few 24-hour cycles.


Who and for what does it need?


Such searches help to estimate the effectiveness of methods, which have been earlier used for online advertisement estimation. In addition, they allow you to define and implement other, more suitable system for the purpose of improving management of the company, which in turn will improve the process of retargeting.


Adaptive web-design and responsive web-design are different strategic approach in web-site development. These terms have different meanings.


Responsive web-design is creation of web-pages that adapt to the peculiarities of screen and keep presentable view. The site constructed with the adaptive approach in design has such a maquette that can have dynamic changes while zooming or diminishing the browser window.


Adaptive web-design means creation of several maquettes with definite size and functions for different categories. The maquette is defined by the server system and can’t be dynamically changed in browser.


Principal differences between adaptive and responsive web-design


As previously mentioned, a flexible maquette can keep practically any gadgets and it is also designed to the responsive web-design. When you get in the site the code loads even if there are no some large-sized pictures.


Adaptive web-design has several maquettes with fixed sizes. For example, the size for tablet is 760 pixels, for smart phones are 320, for computers – 960. The type of the users’ gadgets is defined by the server system. The server system chooses the definite size of the maquette. In this case the download speed is higher.  


If you want to optimize your site using responsive design so you have to redo all the code of the site and rewrite it practically from the ground up. Adaptive design doesn’t need so big changes. It is the main condition for big and difficult sites.


Summary: responsive web-design is suitable for sites with a simple building which can be transformed in future. These websites doesn’t differentiate users with different gadgets. Adaptive design is suitable for users who surf the internet with mobile devices and computers.

These two terms are connected to optimization and promotion sites in the network.


But unlike SEO-optimization, which is aimed at promotion of the site in search engines, SMO and SMM promote websites in social networks.


SEO and SMO: fundamental differences


Before you decide to understand the goals of SMO, you have to understand what the SEO is.

SEO literally means search engine optimization. In other words, SEO optimizes the site in search engines: for givingthe search resource on the first search page ideally.

Search Engines distributes traffic between sites and the site ranked in top will have a large number of visitors. Here is the sense of search engine optimization. SEO provides "recognition" of the site by search engines.


Thus, SEO involves only those actions that have an impact on the search engines.


But traffic focuses not only on search engines. Social networks also collected a considerable proportion of it.

If you believe the statistics more than 1 billion users are registered on the Facebook. Every third user has friends in VKontakte. Evidence of getting traffic through social networks is obvious. It is also necessary to take certain efforts to promote your product in the social network. That is the main aim of SMO - Social media optimization.


Advantages of SMO


-          Bringing target audience helps you to increase quality traffic.

-          The effect of attendance your resource. People tell each other about their favorite site. So it helps to promote the website without your participation.

-          Active behavioral factor: visitors of social networking site like to leave comments and look through the pages longer.

-          SMO is rather cheaper than SEO.

-          Promotion through the social networks guarantees traffic.


Differences between SMO and SMM



Though these two terms are very close in meaning and require promotion through the social network but the differences they really have.

SMO (Social media optimization) - is a certain type of work carried out on the promoted website which aim is to attract the attention of users. SMM (Social media marketing) attracts the users themselves.


SMO includes:


-          Quality website design;

-          Detailed study of the navigation resource;

-          Interesting content;

-          Adding social media buttons to allow users to share links;

-          Adding comments box to provide feedback interactive communication and widgets groups in the social network.


SMM includes:


-          Creating groups in social networks, reflecting the theme of the site;

-          Advertising, likes, tweets purchasing;

-          Placement of advertisement on the site by third-party groups.


 Summary: SMO is a work not at the site itself; SMM is a work directly in social networks. And what kind of promotion to choose - you decide.



There were said and written many articles about SEO tricks and other maneuvers aimed at qualitative promoting results. But despite the abundance of information, it is regularly updated.


A product manager Duane Forrester from Bing search engine also decided to speak about the myths of SEO- activity.


SEO-misbelieves from Bing


What, according to Forrester, is a misbelief in the promotion of sites?


  1. There is a belief and affirmation that the site must occupy the first position in the SERP. Of course, the position of leadership in the search is the goal of many people and a great success. The representative of Bing offers to think over the question about the number of clicks and conversions for the leader of the search. Forrester confirms that there is a group of users that prefer sites that are in the top-2. These statements are confirmed by the internal search engine statistics: CTR pages of sites in the top-2 were higher than pages in the top-1. In addition, the site that is on the first position in the search needs attention and the formation of landing pages. This is explained by the fact that users often search for a keyword phrase but make a purchase on the page that "moves " to another key.
  2. Using the tag «title» is enough for the best ranking. Undoubtedly, competently prescribed titles are important in the rankings, but their usage does not relieve SEO- specialists to work on optimizing meta descriptions.
  3. Enough SMM- promotion. Though SMM- promotion is an effective way of promotion, but it is not the only variant. This type of promotion requires special attention and time. SMM is good, but in the complex.
  4. Some believes that a great amount of video is great. But too much video, especially those that run on their own and do not provide manual control only annoying.
  5. Purchase advertising - guarantee of high rankings. It is the most common misconception. Purchase advertising does not affect the promotion of the site in search. And Bing has statistics confirmations. Those who wishing to learn more is recommended to refer with the matter to the search engine.
  6. It’s enough to write good content. Google and Yandex are for the uniqueness of the content. But qualitative copywriting is not enough. "Maybe you create unique content but your opinion is not enough", said Forrester. The search engines recognize only qualitative content that are popular. It is worth remembering that the content of web pages must comply with the thematic, ethical and grammatical norms.
  7. In fact content formatting doesn’t affect ranking. The formatting allows the search engine to get an idea of the content and present it profitable in the SERP.


Bing believes that SEO - is the foundation, which should be complemented by a wide range of additional activities. So good luck to you SEO- friend!



A well-known service protection SiteSecure sites together with the research project Ruward conducted a study of security websites operating on different CMS systems.


Under the scanning got about 30,000 Internet resources developed at 10 popular CMS systems. Sampling was carried out automatically. The analysis revealed the typical problems: virus infection, making black-lists of search engines and spam filters.


A safety study of free and commercial CMS systems


The monitoring revealed that sites using CMS free platform, four times more susceptible to unwanted third-party implementations. It is accompanied by immediate submission of such resources in the black list of search engines.


Sites for commercial CMS systems are also prone to infection, but the overall percentage is lower.


Analysis revealed a significant correlation between the use of the latest updated versions of CMS and the presence of problems in defense. It is connected to the commercial and free versions. In timely updated versions the risk of infection is reduced by half.


What is the risk of sites with the unprotected CMS systems?


The study found that every seven web site is at risk of financial loss due to the reduction of search results, the exclusion domain of search queries, the domain is in spam lists, etc.


The main reason of problems in sites, connected with undesirable implementations network "parasites", is low awareness of owners of emerging threats.


More than a third of respondents, who participated in the study, have no idea about the problems on their resources, a quarter of respondents, despite the security problems of the resource continue to invest in its promotion.


Advantages of commercial CMS systems in security matters


The study has shown that the Internet resources, operating on commercial platforms Drupal are developed by "gurus" of web design, which due to their professionalism can not afford to ignore the issue of timely updating systems.


From the foregoing there is an obvious conclusion: in order to protect themselves from financial problems because of the low level of site security, the risk of being "banned" by the search engines, it is preferable to use commercial CMS systems, which are developed by the professionals and timely updated. The percentage of the financial risk is becoming lower for companies that promote their business in the Internet.


SEO-news article reminds that the time of black optimization schemes is over. And it's time to redirect our skills and deepen our knowledge in the area of ​​creating unique content. Because Google doesn’t leave another opportunity.


Probably for many Seo- specialists, who work only in the sphere of black advancement, such a prospect is not good. Because it is always easier to work with a familiar pattern, than look for unique ways to promote resource.


Each has the right to choose. Others prefer to remain in the TOP search, someone at their own risk, will continue to use the familiar black schemes for promotion.


Some tips for quality promotion


-Be aware of invisible text. This is the text that is not visible in the image, white text on a white background. Do not use font-size [Opx] and hide the text through CSS- styles.

-Turn out the use of invisible links. Search Engines "doesn’t recommend " to use the same references as the main text style. Of course, this link will not be noticeable. Also do not accept single-pixel links created with CSS, as well as links hidden in a symbol. For example, in a point.

-Abandon the JavaScript redirect with an aim to redirect to the page of a search robot , which it sees , but not users and concluding links in JavaScript.

-Do not over saturate the content keys. Contents should be original.

-Do not use different automatic systems for the links exchange. Search Engines do not like active people selling links. Pages with lots of outbound links are tracked by search algorithms carefully.

-Pages with viruses and Trojans will not bring any benefit. If the resource will have a security problem, search engines do not keep you waiting with a message that something needs to change.

-If you have a goal of earning partner programs, the resource must have a certain value. You can not use someone else's content, showing it as your own.

-Abandon the doorway page, redirect users to websites that do not match your search.


White SEO unlike black promotion schemes is always interesting, original and unique resource, created in accordance with the rules of the legal promotion. This is rating!


Finally dare we quote one of the SEO-guru comment:


"Even those who promote websites using black methods, sooner or later come to the white, realizing that the only way to create a stable and promising business."

There is a belief that business can’t exist without advertisement. And the Internet industry isn’t an exception.


Quality and professionally designed advertising definitely affects the ranking of the resource. But not every expensive advertisement is actually effective.


Major trading company Interactive Advertising Bureau after careful study stated that more than 30% of total traffic is fake. That’s mean that traffic was obtained by viruses and bots but not at the expense of unique content.


Advertisers weren’t pleased by such news. You have to pay much attention to the origin of the advertising traffic to avoid getting into the financial risk.


For example Company L'Oréal carefully tracked by its advertising on the Internet, found out a periodic «activity» bots. In addition all the advertisements of the company were found outside the target.


How does the activity of fake traffic could be explained?


Generally, fake traffic itself has existed for a long time, but it has recently come to the forefront in its relevance. This is explained by the fact that the cost of advertising services valued considerable sums. Analysts are predicting online advertising growth in the cost of this type of promotion in the amount of $ 50 billion this year.


Therefore, the anxiety of the current situation on the Internet industry advertising is justified.


The opinion of the professionals


Representatives of the Interactive Advertising Bureau have said that this area is in a crisis situation.


The problem is that most customers have a need to pay for digital advertising, but most of the advertising and consulting firms do not have at their disposal the tools to control the transparency of traffic.


On the background of the obvious problems in the field of Internet advertising professionals opinions are divided. Conservatives offer reduce the proportion of advertising, and progressive-minded professionals see the solution in the developing new tools to track the "black" traffic and apply appropriate sanctions.

Every business (small or large, local or international) indeed wishes that Google search engine notices and shows it to others. Ideally, companies want that Google sees only them, but we all understand that it is impossible. We would like to tell you about the tool that can significantly improve the rankings in the search engines. It is called social network Google +.


The basis of website promotion in G+ is the same as in other social networks: proper settings and filling with interesting and quality content. It is not so simple, but clears enough. Situation with the position of your website is more interesting.


First of all, the presence of G+ officially confirmed the page of your company, allowing the search giant displays the unit with information from to the right of the SERPs. There are specified address, telephone numbers, summary and other useful things. Such features are very useful for users because they can find all contact information very easily. Any will be grateful for simple search. Grateful customers always easier part with their money.


Secondly, if the request was not specific about the company and about the products or services, the list of the companies and their map location are appeared.  It is only possible to get into this list if the page in G+. The more popular and better the information in your account, the higher will be displayed your company.


Thirdly, active companies in Google+ have more chances that their paid advertising won’t only hang but work. It is all because G+ allows adding information from the social network advertising in Google AdWords.


Fourthly, like other social network, G+ allows your customers to express their wishes and your approval. And besides, share with their friends about favorite product or service. And for this they will not have to write numerous comments. You can simply press the button «+1» .




We get a social network that will not only help in promoting the brand, but do contribute to the promotion of your advertising in the search results such a monster like Google.

Advertising platform DoubleClick, owned by Google, with reference to its official blog, reported users that Google enclosed partner agreement with the largest social network Facebook. More exact with the auction advertising platform Facebook Exchange (FBX), which belongs to Facebook.


What does it mean? DoubleClick platform provides advertisers, actively using Google, with opportunities for placing their promotional offers on Facebook as partners.


Official Google representatives commented this cooperation as an effective way to achieve high rankings on various areas of advertising.


Benefits of the partnership agreement between Google and Facebook


Before the partnership agreement between Google and Facebook coming into force, they had to pay for the ads in social network Facebook. Now you can get the access to the platform via Facebook Exchange platform DoubleClick.


It should be noted that now the process of buying advertising on Facebook is becoming much simply for DoubleClick’s clients.


Online advertisement


Company that focuses on its efficient and competitive existence in the business industry must be aware of the need for high-quality Internet advertising. Thanks to well-written and well placed ads in the search engines specific, the company has opportunity to improve rankings in the SERP than attract a significant number of customers, expand their business contacts and promote business to a higher level.

Certainly active users know that ICANN from the end of this year and throughout 2014 in the framework of the New gTLD plans to introduce new top level domain names.


Feature of the new top level domain names


What does it mean for us as the users of the network? It means that now we are be able to visit the online resources that will have new domain names to indicate the type name of the site instead of .com, .org. For example, an online store that sells parts to bicycles may have in its domain name .bike. The user will immediately understand the specifics of the goods offered by this store.


Registration of new top level domain names has already begun


By the way it should be told that the program of creating new top level domain names will spread to the Russian-language domains.


First Russian-language domain names will tie to a specific region. For example .moscow and .moscow will appear on the Internet in 2014. This priority will be available for holders of trademarks, and by the end of summer 2014, this option will be available to all Muscovites.


London after New York will become the second city, where the top level domain name .london will appear in spring 2014. New York became the first city with top level domain name. In June 2013 ICANN approved for New York new top level domain name


Advantages of new top-level domains


Generally, according to some analysts, the resources with top level domain names will have priority in the search results. However, experts are not sure Google is the new top-level domains will have advantages over the same domain .org.


A well-known service protection for sites SiteSecure together with analytical project Ruward have recently researched the security of websites operating on different CMS - systems.


Fewer than 30,000 Internet resources were scanning. They were developed on 10 popular CMS - systems. Selection was carried out automatically. The analysis revealed the typical problems: virus infection, making black-lists of search engines and spam filters.


A safety study of free and commercial CMS- systems


The monitoring revealed that sites using CMS- free platform, on average four times more susceptible to unwanted exterior implementations. It is accompanied by immediate submission such resources in the black list of search engines.


Sites using commercial CMS- systems are also exposed to infection, but the overall percentage is lower.


Analysis also revealed a significant correlation between the use of the latest updated versions of CMS and the presence of problems in defense. It concerns the commercial version and free. In timely updated versions the risk of infection is reduced twofold.


How do the sites risk with unprotected CMS- systems?


The study found that one in seven web site is at risk of financial loss due to the reduction of search results, the exclusion domain of search queries, the domain getting in spam lists.


The main reason of problems connected with sites that are associated with undesirable towards the implementation of the network "parasites" is low awareness of owners of emerging threats.


More than a third of respondents, who participated in the study, have no idea about the problems on their resources, a quarter of respondents, despite the security problems of the resource continues to invest in its promotion.


Advantages of commercial CMS- systems in security matters


Authors supposed that the Internet resources that operate on commercial platforms Drupal, developed by "gurus" of web design, which due to their professionalism cannot afford to ignore the issue of timely updates systems.

From the foregoing it should be an obvious conclusion: in order to protect themselves from financial problems because of the low level of site security, the risk of being "banned " by the search engines, it is preferable to use commercial CMS- systems, which are developed by the pros and timely updated. Significantly reducing the percentage of the financial risk for companies to promote their business in the Internet space.

A few days ago the head of the department of web spam control Matt Cutts Google has clarified the situation regarding the problems of search engine spam.


Matt Cutts says Google is planning to make SEO- craftsmen to reconsider their views on search engine optimization. In order to impact effectively on the owners of Internet resources in the some psychological things have been used.


Why does the search engine need it?


The task is not simply comes down to the liquidation of the spread search engine spam, and aims to change the mental component of the Web-the spammers.

Quote: "If you want to minimize the proportion of web spam, you need to deprive these people money they earn because it is the ultimate goal for this category of professionals ". However, Google says it is not enough to enact algorithms preventing the expansion of Web spam in the network. Experts believe that it is not enough just to develop an algorithm that prevents the spread of the network of "garbage." To do this you need to change the mentality of web spammers themselves.



Rankings changes over the past two months


Psychological tactics of search engine is not fully unleashing rankings in the search, and reduce it to a few percent. Thus, Google makes it possible for website owners to upgrade to a permitted ways of promotion. Google in October 2013 officially declared that they are going to find a 15 % reduction in the number of extended snippets for pages containing the author's markup. Some webmasters began to notice some changes in the search results Google. These suspicions were confirmed by analytical metrics.

Metrics MozCast SERP Feature Graph for the last two months has recorded a 15 per cent reduction in the SERPs results with attribution.


In conclusion, let’s admit one more Google updating. Search engine corrected tool for removal outdated content. According to Google representative Mueller, now the work of the algorithm has become more convenient and efficient.



Webmasters know that with the help of this tool you can remove the content of external sites SERPs.

Google had been renewed again. This time the «Link schemes» had been changed - manual section for webmasters. But not the entire section had been updated, only the point which governs the work of links embedded in widgets.


What updating does come for webmasters from Google?


Updating will be connected with built links. Now links embedded in widgets will be thoroughly censored.


«Doubtful» will be recognized:

- hidden links;

- links of poor quality;

- overloaded key references;

- references common to a large number of online resources of diverse subjects.

Even last year in summer, Matt Cuts, the head of Google's anti-spam web, advised webmasters to close links embedded in widgets, attribute rel =«nofollow».


How are the next Google updating motivated?


Matt Cuts explains the need for revision of built links by such a fact that many webmasters, introducing a widget to any site, often have no idea what the «charm» can carry the widget code.


A simple example. Widget is for voting, may contain a link to a website, the interviewer. Such a link will «passes» weight.


Matt Cuts advises webmasters to use the attribute «nofollow» to exclude the possibility of transferring PageRank of a site without the owner's back. Third-party publishers often copy links to paste on their own site. About the code content, surely, no one thinks.

Foregoing confirms the fact that the sites promotion is no longer relevant by increasing of the reference weight.


Now, SEO-specialists and website owners who are interested in the effective promotion of sites in the search engine have to think seriously about creating unique content.


Every coming year brings some updates not only in the sphere of private life of the majority, but in the online marketing industry.


Our topic is a design for corporate sites.


Beginning of a new calendar year implies certain updates in web-design.


Even if you don’t plan to update your site with fresh notes to the usual image it will not be superfluous. Any renovation attracts attention, both users and search engines. Only if this renovation is performed correctly, taking into account important details.


New trends in building corporate sites web-design


What «chips» does the coming year dictate in web-design renovation for corporate sites


1)    Unique typography. There are sites in the global network that are remarkable and recognizable due to unique set of fonts and their use in the layout. Single dignified style in the general web-site design provides delimitation and structuring the site content. If you intend to make your dreams real by taking the site a position of the corporate brand - unique typography is obligatory.

2)    Minimality and simplicity. This factor provides a flat design. Despite the apparent unattractiveness a flat design has become popular last year. Refusal of volume textures in favor of flat and bright colours led to some rethinking of corporate websites and web applications. The benefit of such a «flattening» is obvious: all the user's attention is focused on the site content and don’t distract by outside visual irritants. Besides the ease of the web-site design allows the main content loads very fast, which is one of the advantageous of the resource.

3)    Using hover- effects (colour highlighting paragraphs when the mouse moves) in corporate sites web-design will provide convenience for users and will make the site maximum handy and visually understandable.

4)    Use the scrolling page section. This maneuver will improve the usability of your site and its users will appreciate it.

5)    Use large images in the web-design of corporate website. The use of such images attracts users' attention and increase the number of views.

6)    Use the opportunity to show your company productions video reviews. They should be as complete as possible. It is important to focus on the qualitative features of new products and new production capabilities.

7)    Adaptive images. Don’t forget to consider the possibility of using large format graphics on screens of different sizes. This can be done using an adaptive layout. Adaptive layout will allow displaying graphics qualitative on a large desktop monitor, and on the screens of smartphones.


Using the above design options for updating your company's corporate site allows not forgetting about its existence.



There is a principle, which is known to all and sundry during more than one year: content is a king. Content is one of the main components in SEO in 2014. Consequently, this is important to know the basic principles of drawing up a new content in 2014.

There are 5 ways that help you sidestep your rivals and maintain your content.


1. Marketing automation


We know and clients know that content is needed. But in 2014, clients will demand more than 8 blog posts published, as a KPI, and from here marketing automation appear.

The benefit of a marketing automation by Pardot or HubSpot is not only in making your content automatized but giving you opportunity to control the work of your content for you. You can follow the most interesting topics for clients, and that help you to make content that matches their interest.


2. More Personal Content in Emails


All of us get many letters that advertise different useless products and things, and we just send them into the bin.

Email marketing can be a huge supplement to traffic and sales, but it demands creative content specifically for every user. We want you to show the example of "a right" letter: the company Stich Fix supposes you a Halloween costume idea for a person who has odered from them before and they sent a personl letter and drove a client to ther website.


3. Make it Available


Nowadays people are online all day long. We can't imagine our life without mobile phones and the proof of it is that in 2013, 63 percent of cell phone users used their phone to go online.

We classify devices in three types: desktop, tablet and mobile. But inspite of all these gadgets a person has different screen size in different gadgets. That's why clients want to see content on their screens in a full size without any changes.

You have to think about how your content will look on the different screen sizes your users.


4. Content without Link Building


2013 was the "content marketing year" replaced by "link building". But for good results and popularity of your site you shouldn't look at the content as only at the way of linking. Content and content marketing in 2014 should be educational, informative, not manipulating. And well-chosen information with links, it will be even better.


5. Informative small content


Some years ago we published articles with a lot of content on a page because it was a good attraction for search engines. In 2013, we wrote, 1 500-word plus blog posts - it was very popular among readers and people shared it willingly.

But in 2014 everything will change, because people don't have much time fot reading big articles. So you should offer them not big but informative blogs with memorable phrases, events that will fit for Twitter or Facebook posts.


The main thing to remember is that content should be adapted to your readers' wishes and preferences and due to this fact you will manage to make unique content. Follow these tips and make your content popular among readers.











By the end of 2013 leaving traditional analyzes and opinions let’s observe new tendencies and developments in the coming 2014.


This article is dedicated to SEO-optimization.


In the leaving 2013 SEO was «in a good shape»: Google updated such algorithms as Panda and Penguin, made ​​a qualitative approach to the issues of sites promotion in the network.   


Generally, throughout 2013, many SEO-optimization strategies were no longer effective. Spam promotion strategies were due to «watch» search Google and Yandex monsters, ineffective. At the same time the issue of effective promotion of Internet resources has increased the role of social networks and competition. And, nevertheless, the potential SEO-optimization of such innovations has not decreased and lost its relevance in terms of getting a decent profit for companies that use it in promoting their business online.


The only condition that should be taken to further effective functioning is a refusal of «unfair» SEO-promotion and focusing on creating unique content, taking into account Google wishes. Fulfillment of the requirements of search engine implied the guarantee that an online resource will be interesting and popular among users. But competent SEO-specialist is valuable because he can suppose in advance possible «freaks».


How to stay in the top issue in the coming 2014


Of course, those permitted SEO-strategies that have positive dynamics promotion in 2013, will be effective in 2014. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality and content of the resource link.


1) Create quality content marketing


Google shows tolerance to those sites whose content is unique and meets the requirements for a qualitative content marketing strategy. 


Terms of high ranking of search results must meet the following Google requirements:


- Sites content should be regularly updated;
- Content should be relevant and useful;
- The content of the resource should strengthen the company authority among its audience;
- Content must generate social signals.


We should pay attention to the role of mobile content in 2014. It will significantly increase. «Move» the resource in social networks. Taking into consideration the growing role of social networks in promoting, we should consider the following: rely on reputation only major networks, the special effect in improving ranking issue is not expected. Recent analysis shows that successful brands use at least seven social networks. This technique allows us to differentiate the target audience.


Deciding to promote the site through social networks, it is necessary to consider that:


- Social networks should have unique content
- The company should work with prominent social networks: Google+;
- Users should have ability in sharing content;
- Social networks must be able to generate a sufficient number of social signals, meet the company purposes.


2) More attention to Google+


Despite the fact that Google+ is not a favorite in social network, the sense of investing it is really significant. In addition, recent studies have shown that Google Authorship and +1 is the key to a good search engine rank.


3)  Mobile SEO is – a favorite promotion 2014


Everything is logical. The number of users, who use the mobile Internet, is steadily increasing. Therefore, Google is actively looking for a strategy to evaluate search rank with the primary orientation for mobile gadgets, and only then for the PC.If you still do not have a mobile version of your site, such development should be a main task in 2014. And it is worth considering that the role of semantic search and Knowledge Graph increases.


4) In SEO-strategies in 2014 we also should pay attention to the volume of content


The larger the volume, the more «likes» Google gives to your site. But it is important to understand the following: the amount of content for the PC should have at least 550 words, and it is better even more than 1000. But for mobile version this volume is unacceptable! In this case, the best solution to the dilemma would be a creation two versions of the same article: for PC and mobile devices.


Active changes to the requirements of search engines SEO-optimization procedure in 2013 do not reduce their «revolutions» in the coming 2014. So follow these because they will be useful and effective.

We continue to explore the trends of web-development and web-design. This time the main subject of our study is useful modules and necessary sections, which will make the site more attractive and improve its functionality. We tell you about all sorts of modules in the development of websites, new web application icons, mapping-resources applications to work with graphic design, new sets of fonts.

Seven interesting applications that simplify a website development for you.


1. Flaticon


Flaticon is a resource that provides a wide selection of free icons and plugins. Ready icons can be safely used directly in Photoshop.


2. Layer CSS


This application is used to create layers, it looks almost the same as the menu in Photoshop. This module is an unobtrusive css-framework, the work goes on independently. This module is very useful for a website development, as it already contains ready to use styles.


3. Free Vector Maps


Using Free Vector Maps for site gives you access to a variety of vector maps of countries all over the world.


4. Sitedrop


Sitedrop is an easy and popular way to share your experience and projects. Just connect Dropbox, to share files, put marks "like", comment and download the best projects.


5. Streme


Creating a site you can put this module which allows you to add links to videos and music without registration.


6. Font Combiner


This innovation in web design is a draftsman of fonts, which allows you to create your own fonts.


7. BamBam


BamBam is an application for managing various projects for the team, which allows users with different ideas and approaches to work together. This tool allows you to add free 10 users.


Expand your abilities in web-development and website creation. Use these trends in web-development to improve your skills and attract visitors.

Nowadays there is intense competition between search systems Bing and Google. According to the publication Search Engine Land, November 20, 2013 Microsoft Store has new name goods - Scroogled swag. Opponents of major search system - Google offered to acquire a kind of "souvenirs" reflecting the whole essence of Google: mugs, sweatshirts and caps. Goods unobtrusively, but at the same time quite openly show Google global dominance.

It should be reminded that Microsoft put on its campaign against Google in autumn of 2012. Microsoft attacks were called Scroogle. Microsoft version of Google activity aims to bring the whole issue of information on commercial requests for a fee.

Google has not left this provocative fact ignored by making an official statement: "The recent Microsoft event sets no wondering - the competition is heating up really."


As seen, the struggle between the leaders search technologies is becoming sharper. Whether Microsoft's policy to "draw over" Google users to Bing - time will show.

In web-design parallax scrolling – is a special technique where the background image moves slower than the foreground elements. This technology has been applied more frequently in the development of websites, as looks really effective and cool.


This effect can be achieved with multiple layers that overlap each other and move at different scrolling speeds. With this technology it is possible to create not only a kind of three-dimensional effect, but it can be applied to icons, images, and other elements of the page.


Parallax scrolling is increasingly getting popularity in the web-design and willingly used by designers and developers the best web studios.We have prepared you some examples of sites made ​​by parallax scrolling, and we are ready to present them for your review.


1) Launch a rocket into space by moving the mouse cursor down.



2) Web-design with vertical scrolling. All information is contained in a bottle website.





3) Travel with the mouse cursor!






4) All the information with the birds and surely with the mouse cursor!





4) A tiny little giant agency.





5) One of the best sweet sites in 2013.





As you can see the parallax scrolling give your site an unusual, spectacular and eye-catching design that will attract more and more visitors. Do not be afraid to experiment, because new always attracts and creates the effect of interest.

























Our team of design studio «Concept» follows the creative innovations and changes in web-design, which will be different in coming 2014.

Dynamics of change styles in  web-design – websites or blogs are also characterized as changes in the trends of the seasonal fashion pret-a-porter.

What does prepare a coming year in  web-design tendencies?

1)    a vertical placement of images is expected on the page, as this format will be better understood by readers.

2)    minimalismis above all! A site without frills is the key to your success.


3)    a flat design is a special creative trend in  web-design, which presents the lack of volume elements.

4)    the development of special, creative, bright fonts.

5)    neon is back in the web-design style! But you shouldn’t be too fascinated with this colour. A new unique innovation: usage of black and white will help you. 

6)    introduction of a single image, which becomes an attractive background.


7)    sites will become one-page.

But the most important thing of all the most recent trends in web design is the web-site functionality. No matter how creative it is, the web-site should have a decent download speed, without any useless items, and have the prospect of a rapid promotion.

Creative changes in web-design 2014 satisfy the conditions.

Facebook seems to be a dream company for the majority of developers and other IT guys. Still sometimes working at this corporation may turn into a nightmare. Here are some comments from anonymous employees of one of the most popular social networks. 


-          The food is too good. There is too much of it for free! With the choices that are provided in the company it turns in a disaster for someone with zero gastronomic self-control.


-          Lack of professionalism. In the majority of companies you will see a distinct line between work and personal life. While Facebook internal policy encourages its employees to be themselves, which leads to the lack of professionalism within the team.


-          A kind of disregard of people with titles and management responsibilities. Too many decisions are made by engineers during their lunch or even by interns. Without notifying managers. Some kind of autonomous decision-making.


Some other arguments are lack of focus on short-term revenue, the presence of hot tub in the NY office of the company, and too much of internal trust.


There you have it!

New great product from industry leader – Adobe Muse – software that enables the designers to create amazing websites without writing any code. Planning, designing and publishing original HTML page became as easy as creating layouts for prints.


Adobe Muse is a snap to produce distinctive professional websites focused on design not technology, while providing advanced possibilities to sites creation: hundreds of web safe fonts, interactive elements (slideshow and contact forms), HTML5 animation, videos, maps and much more. 

Easy to add tablet, mobile and smartphones website version. You are free to use the same site plan for any mobile experience.


It is intuitive and easy to learn, and provides cloud enabled features. 


Adobe Muse is available as a part of Creative Cloud or Adobe membership, and 30 days free trial version is, of course, available.

Certain psychological principles have indisputable effect on the experience the visitors have on the website they visit.


So, when building web application the following principles should be taken into consideration to deliver successful project:


  1. Building trust.

Your visitors should trust you in order to make the action you expect from them. Still, it doesn’t come easily, as people are initially incredulous, especially of the sites that try to sell them something.


The quality of design is one of the important steps that build trust of the users. Your website should be updated regularly and only relevant content should be displayed.

Tips from Concept team: if you have doubts about whether your website needs an update - then it probably does.


Another way to create a trustworthy site is to have a clear business purpose. It doesn’t mean that you have to spell it out in plain text, but a visitor should get a clear idea of your business and the product or service you provide.


  1. Familiarity and patterns recognition.


When user comes to a website he expects to see certain things right away, regardless the kind of the website, otherwise he will feel confused and rate the website as untrustworthy. The two big things visitors expect to meet on the site are:

  • The purpose of the web site (conveyed by content and design)
  • Some form of navigation: search function, some kind of “about” information, contacts, hyperlinks.


Tips from Concept team: people adapt at recognizing patterns: you should use this when designing the website. Use consistent images, colors, layouts.



  1. Color psychology, of course.

Psychology of color is quite a deep topic while this article is not dedicated entirely to the color.

Still, it has a very heavy impact on how the visitor perceives the website; colors attract attention, enhance user experience and reflect your brand’s essence.

Tips from Concept team: make sure you select the right colors to reinforce your message and company image.


Some common emotions associated with the color, to name a few, are:

Red – passionate; love or anger;

Orange – energy and warmth;

Yellow – warm, happy; joy and cowardice;

Green – nature, renewal, envy or jealousy;

Blue – cool, when used too much – depressive;

Black – conservative or edgy; mysterious and sexy; conventional and safe;

White – purity, simplicity and innocence.


  1. Negative space.


The concept of leaving breathing room on your website, in order to direct your visitors to areas you want them to focus on.

Tips from Concept team: never overwhelm the site; don’t fill up as much space as possible. Don’t make the visitor feel chaotic, when arriving to your page.


You will certainly encourage the visitors to look at the item or make a desired action, if you properly combine on the website empty space with the proportioned elements.


Members of web design community are never through with learning new techniques and create new trends. Not an easy task to keep up to date with the news appearing regularly, especially when projects workflow never weakens.


Still we at Concept Work never miss the most interesting web design conferences and workshops, where the concentration of relevant information is at its peak. Besides, meeting like-minded specialists has positive effects in our work.


The oncoming autumn seems to be rich in events.


One of the brightest community event Smashing Conferences 2013 promises to provide 300 seats for web designers and web developers and help us to become better at our craft.


The two-day event will take place on 9 – 11 September 2013 in the hometown of the Smashing Magazine - Freiburg, Germany.


Another place to learn new ideas from community innovators is Circles Conference 2013 taking place on September 19 – 20 at Grapevine, Texas, USA. Great people among the speakers leave no doubt that the event is really worth visiting, moreover online passes are as well offered for those who do not plan travelling during this period.

And one of the brightest events: SmartWeb. Takes place in Bucharest on 24 of September. Great speakers, networking, nice goodies and after-party are stated.

Our team deals daily with and impressive stack of technology which constantly evolves. We are now more than halfway through 2013, thus we suggest examining and summing up some popular web trends that have emerged during this period. So what are those trends and styles that gained popularity on the web?


Single page website is not just a trend, but user-friendly experience. It significantly reduces waiting time for page load and helps users navigate the site quicker.


Simplicity and minimalism, going alone with metro, are the most popular trends of the period. Focusing on content and removing distractive clutter, web community favors flat design with clear minimalistic icons, which correlates with the need to adapt to a variety of devices.    


Good typography. With adaptation of custom web fonts, web designer can pick from an impressive variety of beautiful fonts and use them in innovative way. As far as conveying information is at core of web industry, thus without exaggeration typography improves communication and navigation. But what is more important – it puts the content first.


Parallax scrolling. When properly done, this trick creates immersive experience and adds subtle effect of depth to the website. Still, you shouldn’t go nuts with it like with anything popular on the web.


CSS animation is a lightweight and flexible alternative to Flash.  By adding a touch of motion CSS3 animations can bring a website to life.


Concept team always stays on the cutting edge of technology, thus we recognize that the only constant in web design is change and we look forward to apply new tricks in your projects. 

Recently Concept team made its input to business development of the region: we have launched web application for Belarus billboards.


Besides that is a website with attractive design, simple and user-friendly interface and advanced functionality; it is a unique project which incorporates numerous business functions and integration with Yandex.Maps.


Website user gets the possibility to select billboard location based on 7 categories, check current and scheduled availability of the board and see the board online, of course.


Moreover, from now on business people have got the possibility to order online the selected billboard for the required period of time.

Content marketing is a way to get people talking about your product and brand, and when it is properly organized, the results may beat any other marketing channel.


Our own approach is to follow a clear process to determine the content which will represent the brand. Below are just some steps for creation that killer content:


Estimation of brand values. Prior to creation of any content you should answer these simple questions: “who we are?”, “what makes us different?”, “what do we want to be known for?”, and similar questions which reflect the personality of the brand and the target audience.


Determine channel objectives. What is the purpose of your content: increase in page views, generate more traffic or engage more audience? Remember that your content must have some reason to exist.


Develop content concepts. To succeed you should come up with the right concept which should have at least one of the three properties:

  • Useful and something that people need.
  • Brilliant. Right now.
  • Big content that makes people talk about you.


Create the content. Create your content and measure its effectiveness. 


Following these steps, understanding your audience and drawing the right conclusions out of marketing analysis will certainly lead your brand to success. 

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